Mechanical Project Engineering Services

  • Ammonia refrigeration plant design
  • Carbon dioxide cooling plant design
  • Glycol cooling systems
  • Freon cooling systems
  • Atmosphere control system
  • Pressure vessel design
  • HVAC Systems
  • Scrabber and Odor removal systems
  • Cooling process design in production facilities
  • Energy efficiency analysis and solutions
  • Heat Recovery Systems
  • 3D Three-dimensional design applications
  • Installation Services

  • Compressor, pressure vessel, chiller, condenser assemblies
  • Pump stations
  • Heat exchanger installation
  • Pipe, valve and so on. plumbing
  • Insulation works
  • MCC, PLC, control panel, local control panel assemblies
  • Instrument assembly works
  • Electrical wiring etc. installation works
  • Test commissioning
  • Electrical and Automation Engineering Services

  • SMARTCOMP-Compressor Controller Compressor control panels design, programming, assamble, test and commissioning
  • Remote Monitoring SCADA and PLC Control System design
  • Low voltage panel design and manufacturing
  • PLC and MCC board design and implications
  • Instrumentation
  • Gas detection alarm system automation
  • Service / Maintenance / Spare Parts

  • Compressor Overhaul
  • Condenser Maintenance
  • Automation Support
  • Spare Part Supply (Compressor oil separator, sealing compounds etc.)
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